2018/04/25 23:00

世界風力会議(GWEC:Global Wind Energy Council、JWPAは理事メンバー)が4月25日に最新の年間報告を発表しました。

GWEC Global Wind Report 2017
Cost-competitiveness puts wind in front


The 13th edition of GWEC's flagship publication, the Global Wind Report was launched this morning to international media. This year attention was put on the cratering prices for both onshore and offshore, see our press release here. The report was kindly sponsored by Ingeteam.

This year's edition of the report features the current status of the global wind industry with a specific focus on new emerging markets and key trends in the energy transformation. The report also includes insights into the 21 top wind markets across the world, a five-year rolling market forecast out to 2022, an update on the global offshore wind market and much more.